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WWR Co-op Mission & Plan

The ‘Mission’ of the WWR voluntary Co-op Board of Directors is to coordinate roadwork for Co-op road sections of Westwood Ranch (lot#s 1-545).  The goal is to create, fix &/or maintain roads that are more accessible, wider & safer.

The current Board was elected in late 2012, & this teams’ first action items to improve the Co-op were:  1) Establish a Roadwork Charter, 2) Hire a Licensed contractor, 3) Establish a mutually beneficial working relationship with WWROA & WWROA Contractor, and to 4) Re-establish the AZ Fish & Game ‘Landowner Relations’ contract.

In 2018 an unforeseeable situation lead to our road contractor leaving. Starting in 2019, this same team is again faced with realigning some of these same tasks. The original 4 tasks are listed below, with current status of each:

This is the one task that remains unchanged.  The reason is, we the Board still believe it is the fairest way to spend the contributed funds.  We simply cannot afford to do roadwork in areas that do not contribute.

  • Hire Licensed Road Maintenance Contractor:  This Board will be working on rebuilding the same kind of working relationship we had, with the new contractor.  It remains critical that we used a licensed, bonded & insured road contractor.  Without this, the Board & owners become financially liable.
  • Establish a mutually beneficial working relationship with WWROA & WWROA Contractor:  The Co-op & WWROA has had a great working relationship over the last 8-ish years.  This is the relationship we will strive to maintain with the new WWROA Board members & the new contractor.
  • Re-establish the AZ Game & Fish ‘Landowner Relations’ contract:  With the commotion surrounding not having a road contractor last year, the AZ Game & Fish contract renewal, & their contribution was put on hold.

We pursued reinstatement.  The Co-op is again receiving $12,000 for 3 years, or $4,000 per year for 3-year contract, for years 2020-2023.

– If you are a ‘co-op lot owner’, lot#s 1-545, please take interest in your investment & our ranch by contributing to road maintenance!  The contribution is only $120 per year, or $0.33 a day!

Send your annual $120 contribution to:

WWR Co-op PO Box 11714 Fort Mohave AZ 86427

Please include Owner Name (per Coconino County records) & Parcel or Lot#.

* See Glossary of Terms Page