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Winter 2016/2017

Westwood Ranch - Road Maintenance

  • Individual lots within Phases I-V (lots 1-545) were sold before an official ‘road maintenance’ process was established.  These lots are referred to as Co-op lots, & the roads around these lots ‘co-op roads’.
  • Lots within Phases VI-IX (lots 547-1112) have an annual mandatory road maintenance assessment as part of the Westwood Ranches Owners Road Maintenance Association (WWROA) or the Association.  The WWROA maintains the ‘Exhibit-E’ roads (green roads on color map).
  • The Co-op is voluntary contribution.  Historically, 10% or less of co-op lot owners have contributed towards road maintenance in any given year, since its’ inception in 2000!
  • Co-op lot owners use WWROA roads as well as co-op roads.

  - Let’s take care of our co-op roads, for all our benefit!

Who maintains Co-op & other non-Association maintained roads?

Documentation excerpts from the State of ‘Arizona…for Westwood Ranches Phase Reports you received at closing. Click here to see these Phase reports Unsubdivided Lands Public Reports For WWR

The WWR Co-op was created in August of 2000 to fill this gap!

Contribute to the WWR Co-op Road Maintenance &

Be part of the solution!

Always Striving for a Better WWR Co-op

  • Do you have ideas to improve the WWR Co-op Road Maintenance process?
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Send in your ideas / comments, or Board member nominations to the Board.  All submissions are considered.   EmailBoardMembers

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