Westwood Ranches Road Maintenance Co-op

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Glossary of Terms

  • WWR:  Westwood Ranch
  • WWROA:  Westwood Ranches Owner’s Road Maintenance Association. The WWROA manages road maintenance for all ‘Exhibit-E’ roads on the ranch. Membership for WWR owners of lot #s 547-1112 is mandatory.
  • Exhibit-E Roads:  GREEN roads on the New Color Coded Ranch Map
  • Legal Access Roads:  Legal Access Roads are depicted on the Legal Access Map.  Legal access roads cannot be gated, or otherwise obstruct
  • WWR Co-op:  By contract deed, WWR lot #s 1-545 owners are responsible for their own road maintenance, at their own expense.  The alternative, is to partner with the Co-op.  The WWR Co-op is managed by a group of Co-op owner/contributor volunteers who coordinate road maintenance [for Co-op lot owners] for the ‘non-Exhibit-E Legal Access Roads’ on WWR.  The Co-op’s aim & purpose is to facilitate the road maintenance, & to help distribute road maintenance costs among ‘the many’, ultimately reducing the cost to ‘the few’.   The Co-op can only be effective if owners ‘co-operate’ by contributing.
  • Co-op Lot Owners:  WWR owners of lot #s 1-545.
  • Co-op Contributor:  A Co-op lot owner that contributes to road maintenance.
  • Section [on Ranch Map]:  The WWR map is divided into larger squares, somewhat resembling a checkerboard.  Most squares, or ’sections’, are numbered in the middle, & generally contain sixteen, forty-acre lots (# of lots vary by section).
  • Co-op roads:  WWR is made up of roughly 146 sections (on checkerboard map).  Of those 146 sections, 71 are State Land, 37 are Co-op, & 38 WWROA sections.  The Co-op sections contain lot #s 1 - 545; the WWROA sections contain lot #s 547 - 1112.  All GREEN roads on the Color Coded Ranch Map are maintained by the WWROA, including GREEN roads within the Co-op sections.
  • MM:  Mile Markers - Posted each mile along Ranch Rd (starting from gate), & on Six Shooter (starting from Ranch Rd & Six Shooter).  MMs are depicted on the WWR Color Coded Ranch Map in Yellow, & Brown, respectively.

Ranch Map ‘Section’

Co-op Section Boundary