Westwood Ranches Road Maintenance Co-op

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Co-op Ranch Roads

In a perfect world, all Co-op owners would become contributors & participate in maintaining all the Co-op roads of WWR.  There are roughly 525 Co-op lot owners for roughly 600 lots, but there has never been more then ~80 Co-op contributors in any given year.

That is an annual road maintenance budget of ~$9,600.  Still painfully obvious…The ‘few’ cannot support the ‘many’, & some of our roads are in pretty bad shape.

If each Co-op lot owner became a contributor for $120/yr., we would have a road budget of $63,000!  In comparison, the WWROA has ~560 mandatory paying members, at an assessment rate of $195/yr, per lot!

With a similar budget as WWROA, we could ‘fix’ our roads instead of just ‘patching’ them.  Historically, the Co-op annual budget restricted roadwork to basically patching mode.  Some of our roads need to be built up to eliminate flooding or washing out, other areas need to be widened &/or ditched, & everywhere would benefit with gravel.  Some roads need serious work.

The point is, if we want to have safe & accessible roads, & maintain the value of our properties, then we need to work together!  It’s easy, just contribute $120 a year & we will do the rest!  You can visit this website anytime to check on roadwork status, contact a Board member with questions, etc. or sign-up for the Co-op Email Alerts / Electronic Distribution to stay informed.

Let’s turn roads like this…

Into roads like this…