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Roadwork Charter

Prioritizing the Roadwork

- How & Where Contributed Funds Are Spent -

      Our roadwork is prioritized based on the following hierarchy, and while funds are available:

  • Roadwork on Co-op ‘main arteries’ of the ranch will be funded first. Without ‘main artery’ work, it would be more difficult to reach lots.
  • Priority for the ‘main arteries’ goes to the areas having the largest contribution density. If a road can be traveled in 2-wheel drive, regardless of contribution density, the road will be bypassed that year for the next road in queue.  This strategy hopes to get more roads in passable shape.
  • If funds still remain, any ‘Special Projects’ will be considered.

      If no one, or very few should contribute from a specific area, & additional funds are not available for roadwork, the Co-op Board can provide a lot owner with contact information for other owners in their section.

  • The lot owner can contact other owners of that section to generate interest & funds for needed roadwork.  The Co-op can help facilitate this process.
  • The Co-op Board can help owners facilitate the needed roadwork.

      The Roadwork Charter was adopted as to spend the contributions in the fairest way possible.  Without our ‘main arteries’ minded, it will become more difficult to reach any of our lots.  We cannot allow our Co-op roads to continue to deteriorate.

      The yearly Co-op budget funds come from Co-op lot owner contributions & corporate sponsor donations.

      AZ Game & Fish has contributed $4,000 in years 2013-2018 to the Co-op. The G&F yearly contribution has roughly matched the Co-op owner contributions in the same time period.

      Sadly, still only ~10% of Co-op lot owners contribute.

Co-op roadwork can only be performed if funds are available.