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Documents & Processes

Articles of Incorporation


Unsubdivided Lands Public Reports For WWR (Received with closing documents):         Phase I     Phase II     Phase III     Phase IV     Phase V

Roadwork Charter    How the Board Plans & Prioritizes the Co-op roadwork

WWR Co-op & AZ Game & Fish: 2000-2023 Contract

Nominate a candidate for Co-op Board of Directors position

- email a short Bio of nominee by May 15th to initiate the election process.  Bio should include all relevant & beneficial work experience (i.e. in finance, management, computers, legal (POA / HOYA area) or rural road maintenance experience).  Also include ‘Why this nominee would be an asset to the Board, & the Co-op Contributors’.

Nominee must be a Co-op lot owner, & Co-op contributor for past 3 years