Westwood Ranches Road Maintenance Co-op

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WWR Co-op Road Maintenance

- 2013 Roadwork Season -

We only had $8k to spend on the 2013 WWR Co-op roadwork.

The Roadwork Charter describes how spending the roadwork funds is prioritized.  First priority is to main artery roads, with the highest membership density.

The Membership Density map identified the area of Ranch Rd, beginning at MM14 & continuing north to the Noseeum / Ranch Rd ‘Y’ (~MM163/4).  At this ‘Y’, the area identified continued west on Noseeum.

The Board voted & agreed to grade & gravel, where most needed, in the area identified, or as much of it as we could with the funds available.

2013 - Per the Road Charter, we identified the area for roadwork (see map on left ‘red road’).

The Co-op cannot afford to do ‘Pre & Post-Monsoon’ roadwork. The 2013 roadwork was postponed until after the monsoon season, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Had we spent any or all of the $8k during pre-monsoon season, all of that roadwork & gravel would have been washed away with the huge storms during monsoon.

During the winter, the gravel laid will get worked into the dirt creating a more stable roadbed.