Westwood Ranches Road Maintenance Co-op

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WWR Co-op Road Maintenance

- 2012 Roadwork Season -

A limited amount of funds remained in the Co-op budget during post-monsoon 2012 timeframe, & Phil Elliott was finishing the WWROA roadwork.

The Co-op & Phil worked together to identify the Co-op areas ’main arteries’, as these roads would be the best place to spend the remaining funds.  Among other roads identified, the main artery roads we could afford to work on were identified as  1) Ranch Rd north of MM14,  2) Round Mountain Expressway*,  3) Noseeum  &  4) Sharp Rock Rd.

With available funds, we were able to have roadwork done to the following areas: (Purple Roads on left)

  • Ranch Rd: MM-14 north to MM 17 (roughly)
  • Round Mountain Expressway* / Noseeum: Ranch Rd (approximately MM-16¾) to Round Mountain Expressway* west to Noseeum north
  • Round Mountain Expressway / NW of Pipeline Rd: North on Round Mountain Expressway to the ‘Cut-Over Rd’ (south end of lot 430 & 431)
  • Cut-Over Rd: West on Cut-Over Rd to Sharp Rock Rd
  • Sharp Rock Rd: North on Sharp Rock Rd from the Cut-Over Rd going north towards Noseeum.

UPDATE 8-17-2013:  *Please note:  The name of the road that heads west at the ‘Y’-split on Ranch Rd (~MM163/4) is not ‘Round Mountain Expressway’  as previously believed & identified above.

 Coconino County actually identifies the stretch of road that ‘Y’-splits on the NE corner of lot# 244, then ’Y’-splits again on the boundary line between lots 248 & 254.  At this point, Noseeum turns north, & Round Mountain Loop heads SW.  Following SW on Round Mountain Loop, the road becomes Round Mountain Expressway down at the ’Cut-Over Rd’ area near lot# 430.

 - CAUTION:  Round Mountain Loop is for serious 4x4 vehicles only!  Please be careful!  This road is in very poor shape, very rocky & needs extensive & expensive repairs.

*This updated road information validated with the Coconino County Parcel Viewer